Scientific Reports – #Physics digest: January 2013


Unraveling the interlayer-related phonon self-energy renormalization in bilayer graphene
Paulo T. Araujo, Daniela L. Mafra, Kentaro Sato et al.
In this letter, we present a step towards understanding the bilayer graphene (2LG) interlayer (IL)-related phonon combination modes and overtones as well as their phonon …

Transport of fullerene molecules along graphene nanoribbons
Alexander V. Savin, Yuri S. Kivshar
We study the motion of C60 fullerene molecules and short-length carbon nanotubes on graphene nanoribbons. We reveal that the character of the motion of C60 depends on temperature: …
Inline image 1

Taming the Collapse of Optical Fields
Si-Min Li, Yongnan Li, Xi-Lin Wang et al.
Field collapse, which occurs in various nonlinear systems, has attracted much attention, owing to its universality, complexity, and applicability. A great challenge and …
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Unraveling the Atomic Structure of Ultrafine Iron Clusters
Hongtao Wang, Kun Li, Yingbang Yao et al.
Unraveling the atomic structures of ultrafine iron clusters is critical to understanding their size-dependent catalytic effects and electronic properties. Here, we describe the …
Inline image 3

Absence of a Spin Liquid Phase in the Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice
Sandro Sorella, Yuichi Otsuka, Seiji Yunoki
A spin liquid is a novel quantum state of matter with no conventional order parameter where a finite charge gap exists even though the band theory would predict metallic behavior. …
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